The legal authority and obligation of the SHHA to assure that deed restrictions are enforced is carried out by two Association committees. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) manages the approval and monitoring of projects that change the external appearance of property such as construction and landscaping. The Covenant Support Committee (CSC) manages property use restrictions. The Architectural Control Committee generally meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month, please check the calendar for more information.

The Communications and Publications Committee (C&PC) has the responsibility for the general communications between SHHA and our residents. The Communications and Publications Committee meets occasionally as required, for specific meeting dates and times please check the calendar.

The Community Service and Membership Committee (CS&MC) is a standing committee of the Sandia Heights Homeowners Association (SHHA). It shall work to strengthen member benefits and to present Association social events that will encourage membership in the SHHA. The Community Service and Membership Committee has no chairperson and therefore is presently overseen by the Executive Committee. This committee meets occasionally as required to handle events. Each event is posted on both the calendar and the "Upcoming Events" posting on the home page.

The SHHA Covenant Support Committee (CSC) is comprised of SHHA residents who volunteer their time to maintain the unique character of Sandia Heights as well as property values through resident adherence to deed restrictions. The committee does not patrol the neighborhood searching for violations of covenants, however, it does act upon written complaints from SHHA property owner members. The suspected covenant violation must be in their Unit, in an adjacent Unit, or in line of sight from the member's property. The Covenant Support Committee generally meets on the first Tuesday of each month, for more information please check the calendar.

The Executive Committee (EC) is a Standing Committee in the SHHA. It has full authority to act for the Board between regularly scheduled Board meetings, conducting such routine business as it may deem necessary including contracting for outside legal counsel.  At each Board Meeting, it must report all actions taken.  All decisions are made by a majority vote of a quorum.

The Finance Committee (FC) is a standing committee of the Sandia Heights Homeowners Association (SHHA) and is responsible for the oversight of all SHHA financial matters conducted during the course of the SHHA's financial year (January 1 to December 31). The SHHA Treasurer shall act as Chair of the FC. In addition to the Treasurer, the FC shall consist of no fewer than two additional Board members. The FC, in its capacity to support the SHHA Treasurer, shall make recommendations to the SHHA Board of Directors as appropriate. The Finance Committee meets several times a year as required, for more information please check the calendar.

The Nominating Committee (NC) is a standing committee of the Sandia Heights Homeowners Association (SHHA).  The NC shall consist of a minimum of three and no more than four members.  The Vice President shall be the chair and two of the members shall be Board members.  The primary purpose of the NC is to manage the nominating process of the Board of Directors. This Committee meets as required and the meetings are posted on the calendar.

The Parks & Safety Committee (P&S) is charged with protecting and improving the parks and safety of our surroundings in the Sandia Heights neighborhood.  The P&S Committee works with homeowners and with local government to enhance neighborhood safety, monitor parks issues, and preserve our natural environment.  The committee fosters communication between the county and residents to this end.  The committee also plays a role in educating residents about traffic, safety, and environmental issues. The committee meets occasionally as required. Each meeting is posted on the calendar.

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