ACC Design Guideline for Walls & Fences

last revised 5/6/09

These guidelines are established to ensure that walls and fences are in complete compliance with the covenants, blend with their surroundings, and are constructed of durable, high- quality materials. The guidelines codify limitations on the location, height, and size of enclosed areas to minimize their impact open spaces and natural vegetation.

    1. No walls or fences shall be located on property lines or within setback areas.
    2. Walls and fences shall be located only in areas immediately adjacent to buildings.
  2. HEIGHT:
    1. Wall and fence designs shall minimize visual encroachment on open space and the streetscape. Low height and materials that blend with their surroundings tend to achieve these goals.
    2. No wall or fence shall exceed, at the maximum, 6 feet, except in the immediate vicinity of gates or other entry points.  
    3. It is recognized that high walls, or walls on lots that are higher in elevation than their neighbor’s, are potentially more intrusive. Walls that are unnecessarily intrusive or obstructive of the views of neighbors are strongly discouraged and subject to disapproval.
    1. Where walls and fences create an enclosure, the area enclosed shall be immediately adjacent to the residence and or other buildings on the property.  The residence and/or other buildings shall serve as a part of that enclosure and shall form no less than 30 percent of the perimeter of the area enclosed.
    2. The total area(s) enclosed by walls and fences on the property shall occupy a minimal portion of the post-construction open area of the lot. As a maximum, it shall not exceed fifty (50) percent of the combined total ground floor heated living areas of the residence.  Swimming pools and garages, whether heated or not, will not be included in the calculation of heated areas.
    1. All walls and fences shall be compatible in color and texture with their surroundings and the exterior of the residence. 
    2. Masonry walls constructed of concrete block, except decorative “slump block” shall be finished with a stucco coat or other veneer. 
    3. All walls and fences shall be designed for durability and constructed using high quality materials. 
    4. When there is a difference in the appearance of the two sides of a wall or fence, the more attractive side shall face the outside of any areas that are enclosed.
    5. No wire fences shall be installed or maintained within any residential property.  
    1. Retaining walls that are needed to place and protect a house, buildings related thereto, or swimming pool, or to provide driveways and walkways for access to such structures, are permitted and are exempt from the setback and adjacency restrictions set forth herein.
    2. Retaining walls used in conjunction with grading open areas of a lot are not permitted and will be subject to disapproval. 
    1. Swimming pool enclosure code requirements shall be met. This guideline shall not be construed in any way to preclude complete code compliance.
    1. Wire Fence: Fences made from materials such as chain link, barbed wire, chicken wire, hardware cloth, expanded metal, or similar materials that have industrial/institutional connotations, or that lack durability.
    2. Enclosure: A structure(s) that visually separates an area from its surroundings.  The structure need not completely enclose the perimeter of the area to constitute an enclosure.    
    3. Retaining walls: Walls designed to prevent the movement of soil on steep slopes. Soil on one side of such walls will generally be even with, or only a few inches below, the top of the wall.


last revised 5/6/09


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