ACC Design Guideline for Detached Buildings


Revised April 2015

Purpose: This guideline is established to ensure that detached buildings comply with all covenant restrictions, are in harmony with the primary residence, adjacent buildings, and the natural landscape, reflect the spirit and intent of the covenants, preserve open space and views, and do not adversely affect the value of neighboring properties.

Detached buildings include all buildings located on a residential lot that are related to the primary residence but are not fully attached to the residence. These buildings shall be connected to the primary residence through the use of pergolas/ramadas, walls/fences, or other such connections and shall visually appear to be a part of the primary residence. All such buildings shall be built on permanent foundations and to custom or better building quality standards. The ACC will consider applications for detached buildings on a case-by-case basis and may consider reasonable variations to the design criteria listed below.

1.      LOCATION:

a.       Detached buildings shall be clustered in close proximity to the residence so as to minimize their impact on open space and views and so as to appear to be related to the primary residence.

b.      They shall not be placed in setback areas unless a variance is granted by the ACC.

2.  SIZE:

a.       The area of a detached building shall not exceed 35 percent of the ground floor heated area of the related primary residence and shall not exceed the height of the primary residence or 18 feet, whichever is less.


a.       All detached buildings shall be limited to one story.

b.      Prefabricated storage sheds are not considered to be detached buildings and will not be approved by the ACC.

c.       Appearance shall be in harmony with the related primary residence, adjacent buildings, and the natural landscape.  Permanent features shall create the connection between the detached building and the primary residence. The detached structure and associated connecting features shall use high quality construction materials and shall be built to custom or better quality construction standards.

d.      During or after construction, all landscaping adjacent to the detached building shall be either (a) restored to its prior natural condition, or (b) installed by design with prior ACC approval.


a.       The exterior finish and color, including roofing, of detached buildings shall conform to the unit's covenant restrictions and the applicable ACC design guidelines and shall match the existing residence in terms of materials, stucco color, trim features, etc.


a.       Detached buildings shall not contain utilities or facilities which would support temporary or permanent residential use. Half baths are allowed, but kitchen facilities and tubs/showers are not allowed.


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