CSC Charter

Revised March 2, 2011, Board Approved March 9, 2011

The Declarations of Restrictions (Covenants) for all of the Units of Sandia Heights are legally binding documents on all property owners, homeowners, lessees, and renters of those Units.

The Covenant Support Committee (CSC), a standing committee of the Sandia Heights Homeowners Association (SHHA) Board of Directors (BOD), works closely with the ACC to further the mission of SHHA which is to promote the common interests and welfare of the homeowners, property owners, and residents located within Sandia Heights and to preserve the unique character and quality of life of the area. To accomplish this, the CSC is charged with handling covenant violations reported by SHHA members. We help homeowners resolve covenant violations.

The CSC will pursue an ongoing agenda of education for Sandia Heights residents concerning the functioning of the committee and the covenant violation complaint handling process.

The CSC works with homeowners, and if required, with the local Bernalillo County Governmental organizations in order to resolve violations of the covenants. The CSC also works closely with other committees of the Sandia Heights Homeowners Association to enforce the covenants and support the mission of SHHA,

The CSC will always strive to achieve amicable resolution of all violations. However, in those instances where that resolution is not forthcoming, legal action may be suggested to the SHHA Board of Directors.

Some things the CSC does not do:

  1. We do not do security
  2. We do not change covenants
  3. We do not patrol and look for violations
  4. We do not handle violations reported by non-members.