Trail Etiquette

Each year thousands of people enjoy the trails in the Sandias, and we in Sandia Heights are fortunate to have access to several trails right outside our back doors. There are a few rules to go by when out on the trail, though they can be better classified as tips and guidelines to make everyone's trail experiences more enjoyable.  No matter if you are going for a short stroll on the trail or on a daylong hike, the following are good rules to live by.


Be Courteous

Trails are for the enjoyment of all visitors.  Please be courteous and respectful when encountering fellow trail users.  Greet other hikers--it's polite, and you can share information about trail conditions and festures.


Pack It In--Pack It Out

Keep your impact to a minimum when on the trail.  Follow the Leave No Trace Principles--take out anything you bring in.  It's incomprehensible that anyone who wants to get out in nature would leave litter to despoil the landscape.  Banana peels and orange peels don't break down!


Stay on the Trail

This may seem like stating the obvious, but it's one of the most important rules.  Cutting your own switchbacks can lead to erosion and destructions of plant life around the trail, especially in environments like the Sandias with delicate ecosystems.



Cyclists and hikers yield to horses.  Cyclists yield to hikers.  In practice, though, you should yield the right of way to anyone who wants it!


Pass on the Left

When overtaking someone, let them know you are approaching and will pass on their left.  You may hear a cyclist call out "On your left!"--this means you should move to the right, or off the trail completely if the trail is narrow.


Hike Quietly

Keep conversations at a reasonable level.  Enjoy the peacefulness of the mountains and the sounds of nature.


Share the Trail

Keep to the right of the trail and allow faster hikers enough room to pass on the left. On narrow trails, hikers traveling uphill have the right of way.  


Keep Dogs Leashed

Promote wildlife preservation, enhance the wilderness experience for other users, keep your pet safe, and avoid hefty fines by keeping your dog properly leashed.


Clean Up After Your Dog

Not only does dog poop stink, but it also spreads disease to other dogs and pollutes groundwater.  Bring a plastic bag with you so you can pick up after your dog. Coyotes are allowed to poop in the woods--dogs aren't!


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