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The legal authority and obligation of the SHHA to assure that deed restrictions are enforced is carried out by two Association committees. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) manages the approval and monitoring of projects that change the external appearance of property such as construction and landscaping. The Covenant Support Committee (CSC) manages property use restrictions. The Architectural Control Committee generally meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month, please check the calendar for more information.

The following design guidelines are provided to assist owners, designers, and builders in preparing plans that will be in compliance with the covenants. These guidelines are provided for guidance purposes only and compliance to them does not assure ACC approval. The ACC considers a number of site-specific factors such as the size of the lot, the size of the proposed project, the topography of the site, the buildable area of the site (which may be reduced by natural impediments such as arroyos), the context of the surrounding area, the potential for the obstruction of views, etc., along with the covenants and its Design Guidelines when considering an application. The guidelines provide general standards only and the ACC reserves the right to deviate from them, as it sees fit, as dictated by site-specific considerations.

Authority: The SHHA Board formally recognized and adopted the ACC Design Guidelines (as contained in the ACC Handbook and on the SHHA Website) as a "Community Document", thus becoming directly associated with the Sandia Heights Covenants (approved by Board motion, August 11, 2021).

Because each site and each project is unique, applicants are urged to submit their preliminary plans to the ACC as early as possible in the design process in order to determine if there are any compliance issues. This is especially important for new construction and other major building projects. For the same reason, no decision by the ACC on any one case may be used to establish a precedent for the decision on another.

The Communications and Publications Committee (C&PC) has the responsibility for the general communications between SHHA and our residents. The Communications and Publications Committee meets occasionally as required, for specific meeting dates and times please check the calendar.

The Community Service and Membership Committee (CS&MC) is a standing committee of the Sandia Heights Homeowners Association (SHHA). It shall work to strengthen member services and benefits and to present Association social events that will encourage membership in the SHHA. The CS&M committee also engages in active liaison with other member groups in Sandia Heights such as Cork and Fork and Sandia Heights Artists. Each event planned by the CS&M committee is posted on both the calendar and the "Upcoming Events" posting on the home page. This committee meets monthly.  

The SHHA Covenant Support Committee (CSC) is comprised of SHHA residents who volunteer their time to maintain the unique character of Sandia Heights as well as property values through resident adherence to deed restrictions. The committee does not patrol the neighborhood searching for violations of covenants, however, it does act upon written complaints from SHHA property owner members. The suspected covenant violation must be in their Unit, in an adjacent Unit, or in line of sight from the member's property. The Covenant Support Committee generally meets on the first Tuesday of each month, for more information please check the calendar.


These covenants, as presented on the Sandia Heights Homeowners Association's (SHHA's) website, or distributed by SHHA, are solely for the user's convenience, and might not be the official recorded covenants filed with Bernalillo County.  There might be changes, updates, and amendments to the attached covenants that an individual Unit has made and recorded with the County but has not provided to SHHA. SHHA accepts no responsibility for any omissions, updates, or errors made in typing and formatting the covenants for use on its website or for other distribution. In the event of any dispute, the covenants formally filed with Bernalillo County will be the final authority.

The following Units have their own respective homeowner association: Chamisa Park, Habitat 6k, North Tramway Estates, Sandia Haciendas and the Sierra Sandias.

Which Unit is a property in?

There are 37 units in Sandia Heights, each with their own set of covenants. To make things even more confusing there is a North and a South Sandia Heights. Tramway Road, the road that leads to the Tram, is the divider between North and South Units. Most, but not all units, can be determined by the following: If the address has three digits, the first digit is usually the unit number.

  • 418 is in Unit 4
  • 979 is in Unit 9
  • 103-199 (South) are in Unit 2

  • 2701-2721 are in Unit 27
  • 2722-2748 are in Unit 27B
  • 2749-2777 are in Unit 27C
  • 2801-2822 are in Unit 28
  • 2823-2872 are in Unit 28B
  • 2873-2900 are in Unit 28C
  • 6100-6103 are in Unit 6
  • 7701-7745 are in Unit 7 Cedar Canyon



The Executive Committee (EC) is a Standing Committee in the SHHA. It has full authority to act for the Board between regularly scheduled Board meetings, conducting such routine business as it may deem necessary including contracting for outside legal counsel.  At each Board Meeting, it must report all actions taken.  All decisions are made by a majority vote of a quorum.

The Finance Committee (FC) is a standing committee of the Sandia Heights Homeowners Association (SHHA) and is responsible for the oversight of all SHHA financial matters conducted during the course of the SHHA's financial year (January 1 to December 31). The SHHA Treasurer shall act as Chair of the FC. In addition to the Treasurer, the FC shall consist of no fewer than two additional Board members. The FC, in its capacity to support the SHHA Treasurer, shall make recommendations to the SHHA Board of Directors as appropriate. The Finance Committee meets several times a year as required, for more information please check the calendar.

The Nominating Committee (NC) is a standing committee of the Sandia Heights Homeowners Association (SHHA).  The NC shall consist of a minimum of three and no more than four members.  The Vice President shall be the chair and two of the members shall be Board members.  The primary purpose of the NC is to manage the nominating process of the Board of Directors. This Committee meets as required and the meetings are posted on the calendar.

The Environment & Safety Committee (E&S) is charged with protecting and improving the parks and safety of our surroundings in the Sandia Heights neighborhood. The E&S Committee works with homeowners and with local government to enhance neighborhood safety, monitor parks issues, and preserve our natural environment. The committee fosters communication between the county and residents to this end. The committee also plays a role in educating residents about traffic, safety, and environmental issues. The committee meets monthly as required. Each meeting is posted on the calendar.


Situated in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains, Sandia Heights shares habitat with an impressive array of wildlife. Bears, coyotes, bobcats, deer, and the occasional mountain lion are visitors to our area, along with smaller animals like rabbits, rock squirrels, raccoons, bridled weasels, pack rats, and various native mice. Bull snakes, rattlesnakes, and coachwhip snakes are also part of our environment, helping keep the rodent population in balance.  Numerous bird species, from bluejays and roadrunners to hawks and other raptors, also make their home here. By choosing to live in Sandia Heights, our residents embrace both the thrill of seeing wild animals outside our windows and the responsibility to coexist harmoniously with our wild neighbors. One aspect of living with the wildlife component of our neighborhood is preserving the natural habitat in Sandia Heights through which the wild neighbors move and live.

bobcats2cropSandia Heights has a wonderful array of animal life to observe, enjoy, and learn from on a daily basis.   The articles on this site will give you useful and interesting information that will help you coexist with our wild neighbors.  You have chosen a very special place to live, and it's essential that we all respect and protect the wild creatures whose habitat we share.

Living as we do at the foot of the Sandia Mountains, we enjoy a natural landscape that is unique and beautiful in its wildness.  This natural landscape makes it both easier and more difficult to create aesthetically pleasing landscaping around our homes--easier because we only need to landscape the area adjacent to the house, and more difficult because of the conditions peculiar to the Foothills.

IMG 0037Sandia Heights shares its eastern border with National Forest land, and we are fortunate to have such easy access to the hiking  trails in the Sandia Mountains--for many residents, the trails are literally outside our back doors. Please note that there is no public access to the forest land through private property.  You must access the mountain trails by way of public trailheads.  In this section, you will find a trail map and list of trails, a guide to trail etiquette, and the Leave No Trace Principles.


Chimney Canyon FireLiving in the desert, water is always oDomingo Baca Canyonn our minds. Will there be enough water in the aquifers to sustain us in the future? When is is it going to rain?  Living in the foothills of the mountains, fire is also in the forefront of our awareness. Wildfires in the mountains can be started by human carelessness or by lightning, and our homes are vulnerable. In conditions of drought the danger of fire becomes more extreme. In this section you'll find interesting and informative information about water conservation and how to keep septic systems healthy.



Classified Ads are free for SHHA members as space allows. E-mail your ad as you wish it to appear to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please provide your name, address and phone number in your e-mail. If you are age 19 or younger state your age. Classified ads are restricted to the following:
-  ads for items wanted or needed
-  ads for sale of personal items
-  ads for children looking for work such as babysitting or yard work
-  ads for non-commercial events such as club meetings
All ads will expire on December 31, unless otherwise renewed.




The SHHA is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the Sandia Heights community as it continues to grow. We invite you to join the SHHA and become active in your community. The SHHA is a volunteer organization run by a Board of Directors elected by the members of the SHHA. The SHHA provides a number of services to the community such as architectural review, covenants support, community activities, publications, and other services of value to its members, as well as, the community.

SHHA Executive Officers: President: Roger Hagengruber, Vice President: Hugh Prather, Secretary: Martin Kirk, and Treasurer: Randy Tripp

Board Members: David Crossley, Elizabeth Edgren, Tracey Goodrich, Robert Hare, Fenton McCarthy, Susan McCasland, Kathleen McCaughey, Bob Thomas 

Committee Chairs: Architectural Control Committee: David Crossley, Communications and Publications Committee: Susan McCasland, Community Service & Membership Committee: Elizabeth Edgren, Finance Committee: Randy Tripp, Nominating Committee: Hugh Prather, Environment & Safety Committee: Kathleen McCaughey

If you wish to reach an Executive Officer, Board Member, or Committee Chair, please contact the SHHA Office by calling 797-7793, or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


SHHA Political Neutrality Policy Approved at EC meeting 3-2-2011
SHHA affirms our longstanding policy with regard to political participation by SHHA and its directors, volunteers, and staff, and our compliance with the regulations applicable to 501(c)3 tax-exempt organizations requiring political neutrality.
SHHA shall not promote, endorse or oppose any candidate for public office or any political party. Whether paid or volunteer, its directors, volunteers, and staff shall refrain from making any statements promoting, endorsing or opposing any political candidate or political party at SHHA events whether on SHHA property or at any other location where they are acting as representatives of SHHA. This includes interactions with the community, trainings, or meetings of any kind including Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and other committee meetings.
When making public statements concerning any political candidate or political party at non-SHHA events and venues, SHHA directors, volunteers, and staff shall preface their comments by stating that they are speaking as a private citizen and not as a representative of SHHA. As individual citizens, SHHA directors, volunteers, and staff enjoy the same privileges as all other citizens of the United States to promote, endorse or oppose any political candidate or political party.






Sandia Heights Homeowners Association

Special Committee for Planning & Response to Wildfires

(Wildfire Preparedness Planning Committee—WPPC)

Board Approved on April 11, 2018



The community of Sandia Heights is a classic wildland-urban interface.  It is comprised of about 2200 properties with fire-favorable topography, geography, biology, meteorology, and demography.  There is limited emergency egress with choke-point entrances.  Currently, the community has no existing evacuation plan or organized preparation in the event of wildfires near or within the community.  Composition of the committee can consist of members of the SHHA Board of Directors as well as interested residents from the community.


The objective of this ad hoc committee is to create a SHHA-sponsored wildfire preparation and response plan.

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Phone: (505) 797-7793
Fax: (505) 856-8544
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