Responses to Questions Deferred at 2019 SHHA Annual Meeting

Below are the responses to questions that were deferred from the 2019 SHHA Annual Meeting:

From the Parks & Safety Committee:

You Asked, We Answered

At SHHA’s Annual Meeting on February 9, 2019, a member asked about access to recreational trails from the arroyos within Sandia Heights.

The Parks & Safety Committee researched this question in order to provide accurate information to you, our members. The arroyos within Sandia Heights are on homeowners' lots. Thus, those who wish to reach trails by hiking through the arroyos in Sandia Heights are trespassing on private property. Unless explicit permission is granted by each homeowner whose lot includes a portion of the arroyo, SHHA advises that hikers refrain from encroachment. Instead, they should seek access from areas designated as public land.


Dear Mr. Wavrik,

At SHHA's Annual Meeting on February 9, 2019, you submitted several questions regarding the goatscaping test project.

The questions and answers are as follows:

  1. Are we spending SHHA's money to clear private property?  Yes, the Board approved spending $1500 for a test project to use goats to clear vegetation.
  2. Was one of the benefiting homeowners on the Board?  No Board member owned property in the test area.
  3. Since only branches/grasses were eaten they will come back. What is the criteria for success? The goats cleared 50+% of the vegetation in the test area, which created several clear spaces in the previously solidly packed vegetation, which will help to slow fire and provides areas to get in and fight fire. It was never expected that all the vegetation would be cleared.
  4. The vegetation will grow back, as it would no matter what process was used to clear the area. If no clearing is done there will be even more vegetation for fires to use as fuel. Goatscaping is considered a safe way to clear vegetation since there are no sparks that could cause a fire in a dry environment and there is no trash to be hauled to a landfill. 

This was a test project by SHHA to see if this process would be an option for homeowners in Sandia Heights. It is one of several options they have to choose from.

Thank you,

Woody Farber, President

Sandia Heights Homeowners Association


Unicor provides FREE shredding with no restrictions on quantity or size. Unicor is not associated with SHHA. SHHA is providing this information as a courtesy to our community.

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Shredding Event at Santa Ana Star Casino

Community Shredding Event Click here for details

Call (505) 867-0000 or (505) 771-5644 or visit for more information.

Hawk's Landing Development Update

Lot Preparation for the Hawk’s Landing Development Has Begun

This 10-acre property is located East of Tramway Boulevard at the intersection of Tramway Boulevard and Paseo del Norte. It is bounded on the East by Tramway Lane. There is no date at this time regarding the beginning of construction of the individual home sites. This development will consist of 33 homes when it is completed. At this time, the preparations consist of the installation of perimeter security fencing and leveling areas for the storage of equipment.

Click here for past updates on Hawks Landing


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