Environment & Safety Committee

Revised and Board approved January 11, 2012

The Environment & Safety Committee (E&S) is charged with protecting and improving the parks and safety of our surroundings in the Sandia Heights neighborhood. The E&S Committee works with homeowners and with local government to enhance neighborhood safety, monitor parks issues, and preserve our natural environment. The committee fosters communication between the county and residents to this end. The committee also plays a role in educating residents about traffic, safety, and environmental issues. 

Sandia Heights is unlike most neighborhoods.  Our surroundings are dominated by native vegetation and wildlife. Our roads are shared by pedestrians, bicyclists, automobiles (and even skaters and skateboarders). The streets are narrow and curvy, and have speed limits that are lower than many residents wish to drive. These issues put special demands on the committee to help keep our residents and environment safe.

Other duties of the Environment and Safety Committee include the following:

  1. Oversee park-related issues such as development, maintenance and improvements.

  2. Work with the county to coordinate a “courtesy mowing project” to keep the edge of the road trimmed for safe driver and pedestrian visibility.

  3. Educate homeowners and encourage them to follow our traffic laws.

  4. Remain vigilant and aware of possible issues to our traffic, safety, and environment—both human and natural—and work with appropriate agencies to resolve or minimize them.

  5. Work with ACC to follow commercial and residential development in the immediate area and make recommendations to the SHHA Board and appropriate legislators and governmental bodies.

  6. Work with ACC to follow legislation and proposed zoning changes as they may relate to Sandia Heights and neighboring communities.

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