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Things You Need to Know About Your Covenants and County Ordinances

Welcome to Sandia Heights Community

Lighting: Please be sure you aren't lighting up your neighbors. The covenants governing the units in Sandia Heights are all written to ensure that all residents can enjoy their evenings and nights without casting light directly into the homes of the neighbors. Before you install lighting for either security or illumination, which must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee, please check the covenants for your unit in the documents you received at closing, on the SHHA website (, or call the SHHA Office at 797-7793 for specific guidance.

Bernalillo County also has lighting ordinances that it enforces. To find out if your lighting will conform to County regulations, call 314-0350.

Exterior Improvements: Your covenants require that all exterior changes and/or maintenance to your property must be reviewed and approved in advance by the SHHA Architectural Control Committee. The SHHA website has design guidelines and applications, as does the SHHA Office.

Noise:  Many houses in Sandia Heights community are very close together, and even if they are not, sound carries far, so noise can disturb others. 

Parking: RVs, Camper Trailers, and Boats. You and your guests may park them for up to 48 hours to load or unload. However, they cannot be stored on your property or on the street, unless a method of storage has been approved by the Architectural Control Committee for your unit. Your covenants might also require that inoperable vehicles must be moved after 30 days. 

Landscape: Please do not let dead or dying trees, shrubs, and brush accumulate on your property. Besides being a fire hazard, they provide havens for rats, mice, and rattlesnakes.

Trash Bins: Remove trash and recycling bins from the curb as soon as possible after collection and store them out of sight. Place them on the curb after 5 pm the day before collection or before 7 am on collection day. During April through November, when bears are active, wait until the day of collection to put them out.

This information is meant as guide. You should refer to your unit covenants for detailed information on architectural and use restrictions. If you have questions, please call the SHHA Office at 797-7793.             


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Tips to Help Protect Your Packages

Packages being stolen:  Expect to hear about increased cases of packages being stolen from front porches. Along with the increased number of packages that will be delivered over the next several weeks, expect to hear about increased cases of packages being stolen from front porches. 

- Here are a few tips listed below on how you can prevent being a victim of this type of crime.  Pick what works for you:

·        - Give the shipper specific times for delivery (when you will be there to accept delivery).

·        - Have your package delivered to your work address if you or someone else will be there to accept delivery for you.

·       -  Ask a trusted family member or neighbor if you can have the package delivered to their address if you will be on vacation or at work during the expected delivery date.

·       -  Have the package sent to the delivery company warehouse where you can pick it up in person.

·        - Ask the shipper to require a signature upon delivery.

·       -  Insure the package.

·       -  Obtain tracking information from the shipper.

·        - Contact the company you ordered from and the shipper if you suspect your parcel has been stolen.

·      -   Ask a trusted neighbor to check your front porch if you will be away during the expected delivery date.  Also ask that person to check for fliers, door hanger advertisements, papers, mail, etc.

·      -   Doorbell cameras are on the market and allow you to monitor your porch when you are not home and some have intercom features as well. 


·       -  Get a Post Office box or a commercial mail box (ex:  UPS store) where deliveries are not as prone to theft due to staff on site and security measures in place at the site.

Sandia Heights Homeowners Association

The Sandia Heights Homeowners Association (SHHA) is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of all Sandia Heights residents. The SHHA mission is to promote the common interest of the homeowners, property owners and residents located within Sandia Heights and to preserve the unique character and quality of life of the area. The Association depends upon an active and involved membership. Your ideas and participation are encouraged! By joining the Association, you are showing your support for the volunteers who put in many hours to ensure that you and your neighbors continue to enjoy the many benefits that come with living in Sandia Heights.

SHHA Member Benefits

SHHA Membership Cards & Merchant Benefit Program

Dues are $8 per month and are collected for us by Sandia Heights Services, as part of your utility bill. 

Your new membership key-ring tag will expedite your access to the many benefits of membership in the SHHA. Use your cards and tags to expedite:

Renters and Membership Benefits

Renters and Membership Benefits

Did you know that people renting houses in Sandia Heights can participate in many of the benefits of SHHA membership? All that is needed is for the property owner to maintain membership in SHHA. Many property owners mistakenly believe that if they move from Sandia Heights and rent their house to another family, they must cancel their membership in SHHA. Not true! Membership dues will continue to be collected as part of the monthly utility bill for that address, whether the property owner pays the bill or the tenant pays the bill. If you as a property owner pay the bill, you are free to pass along the cost of membership to the tenant if you choose. Renters are eligible for all SHHA membership benefits except voting privileges and filing covenant violation complaints. Be sure you maintain your membership so your tenants can experience some of the great “perks” of living in Sandia Heights!

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