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Hawk's Landing Development Update

Lot Preparation for the Hawk’s Landing Development Has Begun

This 10-acre property is located East of Tramway Boulevard at the intersection of Tramway Boulevard and Paseo del Norte. It is bounded on the East by Tramway Lane. There is no date at this time regarding the beginning of construction of the individual home sites. This development will consist of 33 homes when it is completed. At this time, the preparations consist of the installation of perimeter security fencing and leveling areas for the storage of equipment.

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Procedures for Property Owners to Amend their Unit Covenants

The Sandia Heights Homeowners Association (SHHA) cannot modify or change any unit covenants.  Any covenant changes or modifications can only be done by the property owners within their individual unit. SHHA recognizes the right of property owners to amend the covenants of their units in accordance with procedures set forth in the covenants of each unit. SHHA has developed information to facilitate that process and to ensure that a proposed amendment is in agreement with established covenants. To avoid potential conflicts with the existing covenants, it is suggested that the proposed amendment(s) be presented to the SHHA Board of Directors for review prior to initiating a petition signature effort.

Click here for the information and steps to initiate a covenant amendment.


New Developments in Sandia Heights

February 2017 Hawks Landing Development Update

Summary of the proposed development: After months of planning by the developer
and coordination with the County, residents of Sandia Heights, Sandia Heights
Services (SHS), and SHHA, a preliminary plat plan for the Planned Development
Area (PDA) named Hawks Landing was presented to the County Planning
Commission (CPC) at its regularly-scheduled meeting on December 7, 2016. The
plat plan shows the details of the development for a 33-lot 3-tract subdivision
located immediately east of the intersection of Tramway Blvd and Paseo del Norte.
The CPC subsequently approved this preliminary plat plan as briefed by the developer.
The PDA is zoned A-1 with a Special Use Permit for residential development and
contains approximately 10.39 acres. Copies of the plat plan and its accompanying
legal description are available at the SHHA office or at the following link: Hawks Landing. 
As of February 2017, the developer is working with the County to finalize the grading and drainage plans and is preparing the financial guarantee package to be
submitted to the County Clerk. Additional upcoming efforts include coordination with SHS and PNM for infrastructure layouts (water and sewer lines, electrical service requirements, etc.), coordination with AMAFCA and FEMA regarding flood control issues associated with the arroyo that runs along the southern edge of the PDA, and obtaining all appropriate County signatures on the plat plan prior to its final review by
the County Development Review Authority.

Covenants for the Hawks Landing development:  SHHA will work with the developer to generate the covenants associated with this subdivision. The responsibility for enforcement of the covenants will be assumed by SHHA once the construction of individual residential units begins. It is anticipated that the covenants will be
very similar to those developed for the North Tramway Estates (NTE) subdivision. The developer has asked that the covenants contain clauses for mandatory
SHHA membership and for mandatory subscription to security services offered by SHS.  These clauses are currently contained in the NTE covenants. The developer will maintain architectural control of the subdivision until it is built out. This is a similar arrangement that is currently in place for the NTE subdivision. Click here for Hawks Landing Arroyo Landscape Plan

August 17, 2016 Hawks Landing Development Update

During the Bernalillo County Zoning Hearing held on August 10, 2016, the Special Use Permit (SUP) for the Hawks Landing (Mhoon) Project was approved.
The request for R-2 Zoning was withdrawn on August 9, 2016. Those opposed to
the R-2 Zoning withdrew their appeals. The hearing addressed approval of an Administrative Amendment for an alternative site layout. The site layout is the 2016 version, which has now resulted in 33 lots.Those in attendance did not oppose the Amendment. On August 17, 2016 the Amendement was approved.

May 13, 2016 Approved Special Use Permit  

At the May 3, 2016 public hearing, the Board of County Commission approved the request for a Special Use Permit for a Planned Development Area on property described as Tract 5, Lands of Mhoon, SP-79-69, located on the east side of Tramway, between Live Oak Road and San Bernardino, zoned A-1, containing approximately  10.40 acres. The decision was based on certain Findings and is subject to particular Conditions. Click here to see the Finding and conditions

April 7, 2016 Hawks Landing Development Update 

(Note: Hawks Landing is the Mhoon Property)

After extensive negotiations and discussion, the parties (the Connors, the developers, SHHA, and Alliance of Sandia Heights Neighborhoods) reached a final accord last week on the Hawks Landing site plan and the Conditions that will be a part of the site plan.

Panorama agrees to withdraw the stand alone (Rural Moderate) R-2 zoning request and will use the modified Special Use (SU) zoning instead, when the County has approved the SU application. The District Court case involving the County and the Connors will be dismissed upon approval of the Special Use Permit (SUP).

Under the current plan, there will be 34-35 homes, including townhouses on the west side closest to Tramway.

There will be a walking path by the arroyo.  People will be able to access the walking path on the north side of the development by walking through the path by the arroyo and one of the roads in the development. 

Panorama will implement Covenants for the development similar to the North Tramway Estates covenants. Sandia Heights Homeowners Association will have the ultimate authority to enforce the Covenants after development is complete.

 It is anticipated that the SUP will be approved at the County’s May meeting.

February 4, 2016 Mhoon Property Update 

At a hearing held December 2, 2015, the Bernalillo County Planning Commission voted unanimously to change the zoning designation on the Mhoon property from A-1 to R-2 with no development restrictions.  Our counsel, representing SHHA, testified against the R-2 change because there would be no restrictions on development, no covenant requirements, and because straight R-2 zoning was inconsistent with the zoning of the surrounding properties. The properties to the north and south of the Mhoon property along the Tramway corridor have mainly been developed pursuant to Special Use Permits (SUP”).  The 8 acre plus undeveloped Mhoon property is located at the easternmost end of Paseo del Norte as it T’s into Tramway Boulevard.   

After the Planning Commission’s decision, the SHHA Board of Directors determined the interests of Sandia Heights residents would be best protected through direct communication with development representatives to work toward a resolution of the issues.   We initiated and coordinated discussions with all interested parties and a settlement has been mediated that will require: 1) implementation of an SUP governing the development, which would be enforceable by the County, including site conditions requiring flat, parapeted roofs, earth tone stucco colors, no exterior street lights and height restrictions; 2) a withdrawal by Panorama Homes of the R-2 zoning request upon the Commission’s approval of the SU application; 3) that the arroyo be subject to AMAFCA requirements, with a trail on the northern boundary of the arroyo and open space with natural vegetation, with input from interested parties as to the specifics; and 4) give SHHA ultimate authority to enforce acceptable covenants after the development is complete. Presently, the site plan will have 34-35 homes including  townhouses along Tramway Boulevard. The developer’s original proposal was for 36 homes. 

The hearing on the appeals of the Planning Commission’s December 2, 2015 zoning  decision and the issue of whether the Board of County Commissioners would approve the R-2 zoning application is set for February 16, 2016. The County will send out notices to anyone who signed up to speak at the December 2 hearing. The County and the parties appealing the December 2 decision have requested that the matter of approval of the R-2 application be deferred to allow for finalization of the settlement agreement between all parties. SHHA has joined in the request for deferral of the R-2 zoning. The County Commissioners will decide whether to approve the deferral on February 16. 

When the settlement agreement is approved, the conditions set forth above would govern the development of the property and result in certainty as to how the property will be developed with enforceable covenants. 

Mhoon Property @ 891/900 Tramway Lane R-2 Zoning GRANTED Dec 2, 2015 

The Bernalillo County Planning Commissioners voted 4-0 to approve R-2 Zoning without restrictions for the Mhoon Property after 1 & 1/2 hours of discussion by developers with 25 plus SHHA residents objecting.   The SHHA is looking at the impact of this decision and what needs to be done going forward.

Mhoon property R-2 Zone Change filed again!  

Attend December 2nd Planning Commission hearing for item CZ2015-0013 and sign-up to speak against the Zone change or JUST to say you agree with the others speakers & OPPOSE the Zone change to R-2. A hearing before the County Planning Commission is scheduled for Wednesday December 2, at 9am in the Vincent Griego County Commission hearing room, basement of One Civic Plaza, City/County building 4th Street NW. 

Click here to view the SHHA letter of opposition 


Mhoon property Zone Change updates - September 2, 2015 -- (R-2 Withdrawn) 

Two SHHA board members, about 25 SHHA residents, and SHHA attorney Shannon Pardon attended the County Planning Commission hearing today to object to the A-1 to R-2 Zone Chg REQ, Zcz-2015-0010.  After an hour or more of presentations, discussions and rebuttals by many, including the SHHA attorney, an SHHA member-hired attorney, the ASHN President, Bernalillo County  attorneys, and John Lowe’s associates, the Zone Chg REQ (filed July 27) was identified by those in opposition to be in conflict with County rules and was withdrawn.   The applicant had filed the new request without waiting the County- Ordinance- required 12 month minimum between Zoning actions.  

On appeal, the original County Commission Sept, 2014, decision in case Zsup-2013-0039 to grant approval to Panorama Homes Inc. for the Special Use Permit to build 30 homes was reversed June 25, 2015.  On August 7, 2015, the County with John Lowe filed a motion in District Court requesting the same Judge to reconsider the opinion and order, or for remand to the County Commission.

It is unknown what will happen next in 2013 Zsup-2013-0039 or 2015 Zcz-2015-0010; but, when anything occurs, information will be posted on the Sandia Heights website.    

Update August 17, 2015: Mhoon Property, Panorama Homes Inc., John Lowe, president, has filed and posted a Bernalillo County (BC) zone change request for the 10 acre Mhoon property at 900 Tramway Lane. This request is to change the Zoning from A-1 to Residential (R-2).  R-2 zoning permits building apartments, townhomes, multiple-family dwellings, and any R-1 zoning uses.   Sandia Heights Homeowners Association (SHHA) has filed an opposition to this request, number ZCZ-2015-0010, with BC. A hearing before the BC Planning Commission is scheduled for Wednesday September 2, in the Vincent Griego County Commission hearing room, basement of One Civic Plaza, City/County building.  Email comments may be sent to BC Planning manager Enrico Gradi, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The SHHA letter sent to BC also referenced a similar zone change request for this property that was denied by the County in 2007-2008. The SHHA letter can be viewed here. 

County Item - ZCSU-20130039 - Mhoon Property Development: (Special Use Permit) July 2015 update:A summary judgment, appeal # CV-2014-6183, was issued in a Second Judicial District Court on June 25, 2015, reversing the BC Commissioners’ decision to allow a 31 home development on the Mhoon property at 900 Tramway Lane Road. Further actions are unknown.

Tram Passes

Sandia Peak Tramway Pass Procedure for SHHA Members:

Sandia Heights Homeowners Association (SHHA) offers discounted Tramway Passes as a benefit to homeowner members. SHHA has purchased eight (8) Tram passes per day for 2019. Since we only have a limited amount of passes to give out each day, you should plan ahead. We cannot take reservations over the phone; Tram passes are sold on an in person, first come first served basis. Although, you may call the office or login to the SHHA website to find out if the day you want is available. The office will issue you an authorization letter which may not be exchanged for another day or returned to the office for a refund. If the Tram closes on the day you purchased passes for, the cashier at the Tramway will stamp the tickets for a 30-day raincheck, or SHHA will issue you a refund.

Here is how it works:


·       Pick a date you want to ride the Tram. The SHHA office will issue you an authorization letter for that particular date and may be used for that date only. Your $6.00 per pass will only be reimbursed if the Tram is closed.

o   NOTE: Only 1 date may be purchased at a time per residence. You may buy as many passes as available on the 1 day you choose; however, you have to use the tickets bought first before you may purchase passes for another date.

·       Come in to the SHHA Office and pay $6.00 per person (check or cash only). Children under 5 years old ride the Tram for FREE and do not need a pass!

·       On the day of your reservation, you will take this authorization letter to the cashier at the Tram and they will give you the actual tram pass(es.)


·       Passes are available only during days and hours that the Tram is available to the public. Hours can be found on their website at:

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