Unit Covenants


These covenants, as presented on the Sandia Heights Homeowners Association's (SHHA's) website, or distributed by SHHA, are solely for the user's convenience, and might not be the official recorded covenants filed with Bernalillo County. There might be changes, updates, and amendments to the attached covenants that an individual Unit has made and recorded with the County but has not provided to SHHA. SHHA accepts no responsibility for any omissions, updates, or errors made in typing and formatting the covenants for use on its website or for other distribution. In the event of any dispute, the covenants formally filed with Bernalillo County will be the final authority.

The following Units have their own respective homeowner association: Chamisa Park, Habitat 6k, North Tramway Estates, Sandia Haciendas and the Sierra Sandias.

Which Unit is a property in?

There are 37 units in Sandia Heights, each with their own set of covenants. To make things even more confusing there is a North and a South Sandia Heights. Tramway Road, the road that leads to the Tram, is the divider between North and South Units. Most, but not all units, can be determined by the following: If the address has three digits, the first digit is usually the unit number.

  • 418 is in Unit 4
  • 979 is in Unit 9
  • 103-199 (South) are in Unit 2
  • 2701-2721 are in Unit 27
  • 2722-2748 are in Unit 27B
  • 2749-2777 are in Unit 27C
  • 2801-2822 are in Unit 28
  • 2823-2872 are in Unit 28B
  • 2873-2900 are in Unit 28C
  • 6100-6103 are in Unit 6
  • 7701-7745 are in Unit 7 Cedar Canyon


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