ACC Project Log

A Listing of Approved ACC Projects.

 1 JuniperHill Loop Replace 2 Decks, 1 Porch84426-13-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 3 Juniper Hill Loop Replace Window81386-13-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 3 Juniper Hill Loop Repaint Garage Door83553-13-23 Approved Bob Bower
 3 Juniper Hill Road Restucco73663-17-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 3 Sandia Heights Drive Replace Existing Carport and Slab75158-25-20 ApprovedMike Pierce
 6 Eagle Nest Court Replace Evaporative Cooler84376-5-53 Approved Bob Bower
 6 Juniper Hill Road New Slab, Stucco Repair, and Install Wrought Iron Railings74556-19-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 8 Juniper Hill Road Replace TPO83784-7-23 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 9 Juniper Hill Road Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation824110-17-22 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 10 Juniper Hill Road Relocate Mailbox84065-8-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 10 Sandia Heights Drive New Construction71998-6-19 ApprovedMike Pierce
 11 Juniper Hill Loop Re-stucco81195-23-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 16 Juniper Hill Loop Replace Garage Door825010-17-22 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 16 Juniper Hill Loop Roof Repair 827911-4-22 ApprovedBob Bower 
 16 Juniper Hill Loop  PV Installation on Flat Roof83603-21-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 19 Cedar Hill Road Stucco Repairs, Replace Windows, and Swing Installation78708-19-21 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 20 Cedar Hill Road Repair/Re-stucco Walls, Paint Trim, Doors, and Wrought Iron Railings82249-6-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 21 Sandia Heights Drive Reroof826210-28-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 21 Juniper Hill Road Reroof829512-1-22 ApprovedBob Bower

21 Juniper Hill Loop
ApprovedBob Bower
 23 Cedar Hill Road Replace Balcony757210-13-20 ApprovedBob Bower

23 Cedar Hill Road
Replace Wire Fence84667-5-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 24 Sandia Heights Dr  Roof Repair 81767-15-22 Approved Bob Bower 
 24 Sandia Heights Dr 24 Sandia Heights84005-1-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 25 Juniper Hill Loop Re-stucco74506-17-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 29 Rock Ridge Drive Construction of a Deck81215-23-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 30 Cedar Hill Place Reroof  with TPO Membrane83252-7-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 31 Cedar Hill Place Reroof Pitched Roof78608-6-21 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 32 Cedar Hill Place Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation74566-19-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 32 Juniper Hill Road Replace Garage Door83794-11-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 33 Cedar Hill Plac Install Solar PV System83312-2-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 34 Cedar Hill Place Landscaping81115-16-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 35 Cedar Hill Place Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation827511-11-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 38 Sandia Heights Drive Garage and Living Space Additon, Re-window, Re-stucco, Re-roof, and Septic Upgrade81577-22-22 Approved Hugh Prather
 39 Rock Ridge Drive Replace Windows and Door73522-27-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 42 Rock Ridge Drive HVAC Replacement70203-27-19 Approved Bob Bower
 42 Cedar Hill Place Replace Windows75108-19-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 42 Cedar Hill Place Landscaping83824-12-23 Approved Bob Bower

42 Cedar Hill Place
Mini-Split AC Unit Installation84757-21-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 48 Rock Ridge Drive Remodel Existing Swimming Pool82078-12-22 ApprovedBob Bower

50 Rock Point Place
Stucco Repair, Paint Stucco & Trim84606-28-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 50 Rock Ridge Drive Paint Trim84145-11-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 51 Rock Ridge Drive Re-stucco82088-12-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 53 Rock Point Place Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation81546-28-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 53 Rock Ridge Court Stucco Repair75439-11-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 54 Rock Point Place Outdoor Pool Remodel (Refurbish)80182-16-22 ApprovedMike Pierce
 54 Rock Ridge Court Landscaping796611-22-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 54 Rock Ridge Court Construct a Stuccoed Mailbox829312-1-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 58 Juniper Hill Court Replace Deck, Repaint Propane Tank, Add/Replace Latillas82409-29-22 ApprovedBob Bower

60 Juniper Hill Loop
Replace Driveway84867-31-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 65 Pinon Hill Place Paint Front Doors828711-21-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 66 Pinon Hill Place Cover Over Existing Patio, Bedroom, and Master Suite Additions77406-2-21 ApprovedMike Pierce
 67 Juniper Hill Loop Additional Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation79951-4-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 67 Juniper Hill Loop Entry Gate Structure and Deck Extension828311-15-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 79 Juniper Hill Place Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation73382-11-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 91 Juniper Hill Road Storage Unit Installation826210-24-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 97 Juniper Hill Road Re-roof w/TPO84095-8-23 Approved Bob Bower
 98 Juniper Hill Road Garage Addition828612-23-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 99 Juniper Hill Road Replace Exterior Beams and Shade Structure Installation83161-25-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 112 White Oaks Drive Landscaping81085-10-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 112 White Oaks Drive Additional Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation83181-31-23 ApprovedBob Bower

112 White Oaks Drive
Driveway - Landscaping - Wall84857-31-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 120 Juniper Hill Road Paving Driveway, Three Concrete Slabs, and Coyote Fence Enclosure80584-25-22 ApprovedHugh Prather
 121 TIjeras Avenue  Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation 82279-7-22 Approved David Crossley
 122 Juniper Hill Road Reroof with Tan TPO74496-17-20 Approved Bob Bower
 122 Juniper Hill Road Landscaping 74526-18-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 122 Juniper Hill Road Down Spouts and Gutters Installation74577-14-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 122 Juniper Hill Road Extend Fence83804-12-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 141 Big Horn Ridge Court Replace Decking80523-24-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 146 Whitetail Drive Landscaping82098-12-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 146 Whitetail Drive Hot Tub Installation826710-25-22 Approved David Crossley
 147 Whitetail Road Replace Pinon and Fruit Trees80634-11-22 ApprovedTracey Goodrich
 147 Whitetail Road Roof Repair and Replace Skylights828011-8-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 155 Juniper Hill Road  Plant Two Pinon Trees83262-15-23 Approved Bob Bower 
 161 Juniper Hill Road  Reroof 82168-17-22 Approved Bob Bower 
 169 Big Horn Ridge Drive Reroof81496-22-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 181 Juniper Hill Road Replace Evap Cooler w/Heat Pump Furnace84326-2-23  ApprovedBob Bower
 185 Big Horn Ridge Circle Recoat Roof and Repaint Trim73623-11-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 198 Big Horn Ridge Drive Additions80042-16-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 206 Spring Creek Drive Replace Swamp Coolers74527-8-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 211 Spring creek Place Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation824910-12-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 230 Spring Creek Lane Replace Windows79961-11-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 230 Spring Creek Lane  Landscaping 81516-23-22 Approved Bob Bower

301 Spring Creek Place
PV Panel Installation84636-29-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 305 Big Horn Ridge Place Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation828511-17-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 308 Big Horn Ridge Road Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation76511-14-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 309 Big Horn Ridge Road Remodels/Renovations73301-28-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 309 Big Horn Ridge Road Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation73984-13-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 309 Big Horn Ridge Road Reroof74697-21-20 ApprovedBob Bower

310 Big Horn Ridge Road
Replace Windows, Door & Re-stucco84526-16-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 318 Big Horn Ridge Road Reroof828911-21-22 ApprovedBob Bower/David Crossley
 328 Paintbrush Drive PV Panel Installation83894-20-23 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 330 Paintbrush Drive Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation82218-25-22 ApprovedHugh Prather
 335 White Oaks Drive Two Additions792811-8-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 340 Live Oak Road Garage Addition825611/16/22 ApprovedRichard Brackett
 340 Live Oak Road Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation829712-12-22 ApprovedBob Bower

340 Live Oak Road
ApprovedDavid Crossley

346 White Oaks Drive
Repaint Wood Trim & Deck, Stucco Repair, Re-Stucco84888-1-23
ApprovedRichard Brackett
 353 Paintbrush Drive Replace Windows and Upgrade Deck74546-19-20 ApprovedBob Bower

353 Paintbrush Drive
Replace Windows85058-23-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 357 Juniper Hill Road Remove/Replace Existing Deck70815-13-19 ApprovedBob Bower
 358 Big Horn Ridge Drive Replace Evaporative Cooler84396-7-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 370 Big Horn Ridge Drive Stucco Repairs and Paint House, Garage Doors, and Mailbox74927-30-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 373 Big Horn Ridge Drive Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation80564-28-22 ApprovedRichard Brackett
 374 Juniper Hill Road Reroof with Shingles83212-3-23 ApprovedBob Bower

378 Juniper Hill Road
ApprovedBob Bower
 401 Live Oak Loop Repair Stucco, Paint Garage84125-11-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 404 Live Oak Loop Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation81817-28-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 418 Live Oak Court Garage Addition/Remodel71938-2-19 ApprovedCheryl Iverson
 419 Live Oak Court Reroof78006-4-21 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 420 Live Oak Court Replace Windows/Sliding Doors and Restucco73934-20-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 430 Live Oak Lane Reroof Pitched Roof and Drip Edge Installation761011-6-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 430 Live Oak Lane Extend Fence and Re-stucco House76662-23-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 431 Live Oak Loop Reroof83423-6-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 435 Live Oak Loop Reroof73713-19-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 438 Live Oak Loop  Install Stoage Unit 81336-6-22 Approved Bob Bower 
 438 Live Oak Loop Wooden Pergola Installation82178-22-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 438 Live Oak Loop Gazebo/Pavilion Installation82188-22-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 438 Live Oak Loop Door Replacement/Patio Door Install83623-22-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 438 LiveOak Loop Stucco Wall & Gate Addition84265-30-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 449 Live Oak Loop Repair/Re-Stucco Courtyd Wall, Replace Driveway, Replace Windows/Doors83914-20-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 449 Live Oak Loop Re-Stucco 83924-20-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 451 Live Oak Lane Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation829212-1-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 453 Live Oak Lane  Installation of Latilla Fence 81526-23-22 Approved Bob Bower
 454 Live Oak Road Addition/Remodel73422-18-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 506 Black Bear Loop Restucco and Install Cantera Stone Trim Around Windows73944-20-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 508 Black Bear Loop Playhouse Installation75459-18-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 508 Black Bear Loop Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation82138-17-22 ApprovedBob Bower

513 Roadrunner Lane
HVAC Replacement84958-18-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 523 Black Bear Loop Replace Driveway74656-26-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 527 Live Oak Place Reroof824610-11-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 529 Black Bear Road Storage Unit Installation78688-27-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 532 Roadrunner Lane Replace a Portion of the Existing Driveway825310-17-22 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 532 Roadrunner Lane Repaint Stucco83774-6-23 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 536 Black Bear Road Replace playset w/Gazebo83663-27-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 538 Black Bear Road Install Driveway and Landscaping73372-10-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 538 Black Bear Road Replace 5 Windows84055-5-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 539 Black Bear Road Re-roof with TPO84496-16-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 540 Black Bear Loop Landscaping81617-21-22 ApprovedRobert Hare
 552 Black Bear Road Concrete Apron for Driveway73723-23-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 560 Black Bear Place Landscaping83102-6-23 ApprovedJim Stewart
 565 Live Oak Road Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation73141-7-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 565 Live Oak Road Landscaping79981-31-22 ApprovedRobert Hare
 568 Black Bear Road Reroof82369-21-22 Approved Bob Bower
 573 Black Bear Road Replace Garage Doors83141-17-23 ApprovedWalter Stewart
 575 Black Bear Road Re-roof w/TPO83613-22-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 602 Cedar Hill Road Replace Windows83944-25-23 ApprovedBob Bower

606 Cedar Hill Road
Backyard Upgrades84747-14-23
ApprovedBob Bower

610 Cougar Loop
ApprovedBob Bower

611 Cedar Hill Road
HVAC Replacement84898-3-23
ApprovedBob Bower 
 615 Cedar Hill Road Security Door and Inserts Installation81737-13-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 619 Cear Cill Road Landscaping82018-5-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 621 Cedar Hill Road Reroof82208-25-22 ApprovedHugh Prather
 623Cedar Hill Road Re-roof w/TPO84165-16-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 624 Cedar Hill Road Roof Underlayment Replacement84446-14-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 631 Cougar Loop Stucco Refinishing83673-28-23 ApprovedDave Crossley
 637 Cougar Loop Landscaping80051-28-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 643 Cougar Loop Re-roof w/TPO83643-24-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 645 Cougar Loop Replace Windows78036-11-21 ApprovedRandy Tripp
 646 Cougar Loop Replace Four (4) Front Gates829111-28-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 650 Cougar Loop Laundry Room Addition, Pergola and Retaining Wall Installations74636-25-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 651 Cougar Loop Window Replacement 77775-7-21 ApprovedBob Bower

652 Cougar Loop
Driveway replacement to concrete8513083029
ApprovedJim Stewart

652 Cougar Loop
Minor Stucco Repairs85118-24-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 711-32 Tramway Place Paint Garage Door, Front Door, Beam, Post, and Trim824710-11-12 ApprovedBob Bower
 720-5 Tramway Lane Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation77063-31-21 ApprovedMike Pierce
 720-10 Tramway Lane Trash/Recycle Bins Enclosure827311-2-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 720-13 Tramway Lane Build Enclosed Platform Over Front Door Passageway824312-21-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 720-21 Tramway Lane Cement Front Courtyard Area760511-9-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 720-29 Tramway Lane Window and Door Replacement83363-1-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 726-2 Tramway Vista Court Landscaping84386-7-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 726-6 Tramway Vista Drive Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation81968-5-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 726-16 Tramway Vista Drive Reroof, Touch up stucco -parapets/canales83353-1-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 726-19 Tramway Vista Drive  Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation827211-1-22 Approved Bob Bower 
 726-21 Tramway Vista Drive  Replace Picket Fence 81065-9-22 Approved Bob Bower 

726-32 Tramway Vista Loop
Library Box Installation84928-14-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 727-5 Cedar Hill Lane Re-stucco and Decking Installation75048-13-20 ApprovedBob Bower

727-5 Cedar Hill Lane
Rain Gutter Installation84556-22-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 760-3 Tramway Lane Re-stucco/refinish84035-4-23 ApprovedBob Bower

793-A Tramway Lane
Roof repair/Pergola re-paint84596-27-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 793-C Tramway Lane Plexiglass Installation83855-1-23 ApprovedDave Crossley
 793-G Tramway Lane Re-roof w/TPO84296-1-23 ApprovedBob Bower

793-G Tramway Lane
PV Array Installation84827-24-23
ApprovedBob Bower

793-P Tramway Lane
Stucco Repair85078-24-23
Approved Bob Bower
 795-C Tramway Lane Replace Garage Door84286-1-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 795-KTramway Lane Stucco Repairs84215-22-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 795-P Tramway Lane Reroof80112-10-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 801 Tramway Lane Mailbox Installation84235-23-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 805 Tramway Lane Extend Backyard Wall83483-9-23 ApprovedHugh Prather

806 Tramway Lane NE
Raise Block Wall84777-26-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 810 Live Oak Re-roof w/TPO83964-26-23 ApprovedBob Bower

840 Live Oak Road
Re-roof w/Shingles84626-28-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 849 Llave Lane Stucco Repairs84456-14-23 Approved Bob Bower
 869 E Tramway Lane Court PV Panel Installation83734-4-23 ApprovedBob Bower

869 E Tramway Lane Court
Re-paint Door/Garage 84767/25/23
ApprovedBob Bower

881 Tramway Lane Court 
Replace Wooden Wall84787-24-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 883 Tramway Lane Court Re-stucco Home83403-3-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 901 Tramway Lane Minor Roof Repair83874-20-23 ApprovedDave Crossley
 904 Tramway Lane Roof Mounted Photovolatic Panels Installation759010-26-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 919 Tramway Lane Re-roof w/TPO84105-10-23 Approved Bob Bower
 919 Tramway Lane Repair & Re-roof Patio84115-10-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 919 Tramway Lane PV Array Installation84466-14-23 ApprovedBob Bower

919 Tramway Lane
Electrical Panel Installation84546-21-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 925 Tramway Lane Addition of Windows73834-9-20 ApprovedBob Bower

929 Tramway Lane
Install Retractable Shade84948-15-23
ApprovedBob Bower

935 Bobcat Blvd. 
Repair Deck/Shade Structure85018-18-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 940 Bobcat Blvd Replace 2 Doors, Close Door, Re-patch Stucco83322-22-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 940 Bobcat Blvd Driveway Extension84316-2-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 947 Deer Drive New Construction726410-7-19 ApprovedBob Bower
 947 Deer Drive  Landscaping 81346-6-22 Approved Bob Bower 
 953 Deer Drive Repaint Stucco, Trim, Garage Door84486-16-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 955 Antelope Avenue Window Replacement73462-24-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 956 Antelope Avenue Landscaping79891-24-22 ApprovedHugh Prather
 956 Antelope Avenue Landscaping79891-24-22 ApprovedHugh Prather
 979 Antelope Avenue Reroof & Skylight Replacement83573-15-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 984 Lynx Loop  Replace Light Fixtures827811-9-22 Approved Bob Bower
 984 Lynx Loop Re-stucco825410-19-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 988 Lynx Loop Installation of In-ground Pool, Deck and Extension of Block Wall81145-18-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 989 Lynx Loop Landscaping 83041-5-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1001 Tramway Lane New Construction78379-21-21 ApprovedHugh Prather
 1002 Tramway Lane  Replace Existing Front Door 824410-3-22 Approved Bob Bower
 1002 Tramway Lane Shade Structure Installation83494-5-23 ApprovedGerard Del Monte

1004 Tramway Lane
HVAC Replacement84717-14-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 1006 Tramway Lane Studio Addition725910-8-19 ApprovedBob Bower
 1013 Tramway Lane Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation82359-26-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1014 Tramway Lane New Construction84176-7-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1015 Tramway Lane Repair Roof Shingles8408 5-8-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1018 Tramway Lane Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation82229-6-22 ApprovedJames Stewart
 1019 Tramway Lane Landscaping83081-27-23 Approved Hugh Prather
 1022 Tramway Lane Landscaping73653-10-20 ApprovedEmily Rudin
 1025 Tramway Lane PV Panel Installation83844-14-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1026 Tramway Lane Storage Unit Installation and Replace Garage Doors74827-23-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 1027 Tramway Lane Deck Shade Structure Installation81998-5-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1027 Tramway Lane Reroof797212-3-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 1027 Tramway Lane Workshop/Studio Addition831204-14-23 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 1138 Marigold Drive  Reroof with TPO82389-27-22 Approved David Crossley
 1045 Red Oaks Loop Reroof80654-5-22 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 1051 Red Oaks Loop Addition796212-7-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 1060 Red Oaks Loop Replace/Repaint Front Door84045-5-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1101 San Rafael Avenue Re-Stucco83563-15-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1102 Marigold Drive Landscaping824810-12-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1102 Marigold Drive Landscaping83593-20-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1104 San Rafael Avenue Re-Stucco 81787-15-22 Approved Bob Bower
 1111 San Rafael Avenue Move Window/Add Door/Add Wall/Re-stucco84336-5-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1111 San Rafael Avenue Re-Stucco House/Walls84346-5-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1121 Marigold Drive  Repaint Garage Doors 824510-3-22 Approved Bob Bower 
 1121 Marigold Drive Replace Existing Garden Wall, Front Door, Side Gates and Re-stucco House81286-6-22 ApprovedBob Bower

1121 Marigold Drive
Replace Fence84837-31-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 1128 Marigold Drive Landscaping795711-16-21 ApprovedTracey Goodrich
 1134 Marigold Drive Reroof83272-13-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1136 Marigold Drive Reroof83513-13-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1136 Marigold Drive Minor Stucco Repairs83523-13-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1136 Marigold Drive HVAC Replacement83533-13-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1138 Marigold Drive Reroof82389-28-22 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 1144 Marigold Drive Restucco83884-20-23 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 1148 Marigold Drive Pergola Installation81877-26-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1148 Marigold Drive Porable Basketball Goal829612-8-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1155 Laurel Loop Single Car Garage Addition with Sun-Shaded Deck Structure79912-7-22 ApprovedRichard Brackett

1157 Laurel Loop
PV Panel Installation84516-16-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 1162 Laurel Loop Replace Courtyard Brick, Add Courtyard Gate83443-3-23 Approved Bob Bower
 1166 Laurel Loop Replace Stuccoed Mailbox80233-2-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1166 Laurel Loop Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation828111-14-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1173 Laurel Loop Enlarge Dining Room827010-28-22 ApprovedRichard Brackett
 1178 Laurel Place Reroof83433-3-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1179 Laurel Place  Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation 82289-8-22 Approved Hugh Prather 
 1196 Bobcat Blvd Replace Windows79069-16-21 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 1193 Bobcat Blvd Re-Stucco84316-5-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1203 Marigold Drive Reroof83292-15-23 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 1203 Marigold Drive Stucco Repairs83463-10-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1206 Marigold Drive Stucco Repairs83493-10-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1219 Rockrose Road Landscaping77173-26-21 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 1221 Rockrose Road Addition of Circular Driveway and Carport80423-16-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1234 Golden Rod Drive Re-stucco House and Wall81857-21-22 Approved Bob Bower
 1240 Rockrose Road Reroof, Re-stucco, Replace Windows/Doors, and Miscellaneous80132-14-22 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 12629 Carmel Couur  Back Patio Shade Structure 81055-9-22 Approved Bob Bower 
 1417 San Rafael Avenue Extend Driveway79109-21-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 1452 Honeysuckle Drive Renovation/Addition77184-21-21 ApprovedHugh Prather
 1420 San Rafael Court   PV Panel Installation 81315-31-22 Approved Bob Bower 
 1420 San Rafael Court Reroof, Installation of Four Raised Garden Beds, and a Enduraplas Water Tank826410-24-22 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 1433 Honeysuckle Drive Reroof with Silicone83974-26-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1454 Honeysuckle Drive Window Replacement and Backyard Remodel/Landscaping80775-5-22 ApprovedRobert Hare

1454 Honeysuckle Drive
Window Replacement and Backyard Remodel/Landscaping84847-26-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 1467 Bluebell Drive Replace Existing Wall and Patio80756-6-22 ApprovedHugh Prather
 1469 Bluebell Drive Repave Asphalt Driveway78828-30-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 1482 Morning Glory Road Replace Gravel Pathway with Pavers798612-20-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 1501 Eagle Ridge Road REplace Front Door and Refinish/Reseal Decking82038-5-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1516 Eagle Ridge Drive  Replace Existing Deck with Patio 81305-31-22 Approved Bob Bower 
 1522 Eagle Ridge Road Storage Room Addition and Miscellaneous Projects826610-25-22 ApprovedRichard Brackett
 1524 Eagle Ridge Drive Repair/Resurface Asphalt Driveway81105-16-22 ApprovedBob Bower

1532 Eagle Ridge Drive
Replace Mailbox8497 8-16-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 1538 Eagle Ridge Place Replace Windows, Repair Walls, and Stucco83051-5-23 Approved Bob Bower
 1539 Eagle Ridge Place Landscaping793510-21-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 1540 Eagle Ridge Place  Re-Stucco Home/Outside wall and Install New Door to  Backyard 826810-27-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1547 Eagle Ridge Road Roof Repair82058-12-22 Approved Bob Bower
 1553 Eagle Ridge Lane Restoration of Roof with Tan Silicone Coating78467-23-21 ApprovedRandy Tripp
 1553 Eagle Ridge Lane Re-roof with TPO83984-28-23 Approved Bob Bower
 1553 Eagle Ridge Lane PV Array Installation84476-14-23 Approved Bob Bower
 1555 Eagle Ridge Road Re-stucco825210-17-22 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 1554 Eagle Ridge Lane Refinish all Exterior Trim, Refinish Driveway, Repair/Restucco Exterior Walls80644-5-22 ApprovedDavid Crossley

1554 Eagle Ridge Lane
PV Array Installation 84657-3-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 1561Eagle Ridge Court Re-roof with TPO84306-2-23 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 1563 Eagle Ridge Court Replace Canales83683-29-23 Approved Bob Bower
 1564 Eagle Ridge Lane Extension of Existing Garage And to Modify the Driveway82379-26-22 ApprovedHugh Prather
 1568 Eagle Ridge Drive Replace Roof Mounted HVAC Units81897-27-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1701 Quail Run Court Landscape - Tree Addition84015-3-23 Approved Bob Bower
 1702 Quail Run Court Restucco78196-25-21 ApprovedRandy Tripp
 1702 Quail Run Court Reroof Tar & Gravel796811-22-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 1703 Quail Run Court Landscaping80734-13-22 ApprovedBob Bower

1706 Quail Run Court
PV Panel Installation84406-8-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 1719 Quail Run Court Re-Stucco, Repair Canales, Add Downspouts83583-17-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1723 Quail Run Court PV Panel Installation84193-18-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1724 Quail Run Court Retaining Wall & Landscape83764-4-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1724 Quail Run Court Porch Additions and Miscellaneous78488-5-21 ApprovedMike Pierce
 1801 Tramway Terrace Loop Re-roof Patio83754-4-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1812 Tramway Terrace Loop Landscaping83693-29-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1841 Tramway Terrace Loop Replace Railroad Ties Retaining Wall81958-2-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1843 Tramway Terrace Loop Landscaping83091-12-23 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 1845 Tramway Terrace Loop Repaint Home795911-8-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 1845 Tramway Terrace Loop Install Fence and Gate823911-17-22 ApprovedRichard Brackett
 1846 Tramway Terrace Loop Repair/Re-stucco and Construct New Wall with Gate80513-24-22 ApprovedBob Bower

1849 Tramway Terrace Loop 
ApprovedBob Bower
 1850 Tramway Terrace Loop Reroof830212-22-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1850 Tramway Terrace Loop Repaint Trim, Garage Doors, and Miscellaneous83111-17-23 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 1856 Tramway Terrace Loop Replace Gates795011-4-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 1858 Tramway Terrace Loop Replace Decks and Stairs, Reroof, Repaint Garage Door and Gates82319-22-22 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 1858 Tramway Terrace Loop Minor Roof Repair83994-28-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1866 Tramway Terrace Loop Roof and Stucco Repair82128-17-22 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 1872 San Bernardino Replace Windows and Reroof792610-12-21 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 1872 San Bernardino Avenue Restucco797312-7-21 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 1872 San Bernardino Avenue Patio Cover Installation81867-26-22 ApprovedBob Bower

1873 San Bernardino Avenue 
Reroof 84958-16-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 1874 San Bernardino Avenue Landscaping796111-9-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 1874 San Bernardino Avenue Reroof926311-25-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1901 Red Rada Place New Construction81156-15-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1903 Quail Run Road Repave Asphalt Driveway759711-2-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 1903 Quail Run Road Replace Swamp Cooler84205-18-23 ApprovedBob Bower

1904 Quail Run Road
Re-roof with TPO84646-30-23
ApprovedBob Bower   

1904 Red Rada Place
Exterior light fixture84938-15-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 1906 Quail Run Drive Canale Repair825711-19-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1908 Red Rada Place New Construction80794-22-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1915 Quail Run Drive  Install Glass Door and Two Gates 79129-23-21 Approved 

Bob Bower

 1920 Quail Run Drive Replace Windows and Siding80915-2-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1922 Quail Run Drive PV Panel Installation83744-4-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 1923 Quail Run Drive Replace Windowpanes76632-9-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 1924 Quail Run Drive Landscaping80965-4-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1924 Quail Run Drive Replace Siding with Stone Veneer Siding81938-2-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 1933 Quail Run Loop Repaint Roof TPO84228-23-23 Approved Bob Bower
 1945 Quail Run Loop Reroof83061-6-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 2014 Quail Run Drive Extend Two Angular Areas of Fencing80855-16-22 Approved Rickard Brackett
 2034 Quail Run Drive Re-stucco/paint Top of Front Yard Wall84025-4-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 2036 Quail Run Drive Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation81928-2-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 2153 Black Willow Drive  Install New Patio 80674-6-22 Approved Bob Bower 
 2158 Black Willow Drive Re-roof83714-4-23 Approved Bob Bower 
 2158 Black Willow Drive Garage Door Replacement83724-4-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 2158 Black Willow Drive Repaint Door & Trim83814-12-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 2158 Black Willow Drive Replace Windows83834-14-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 2169 Black Willow Drive Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation81637-6-22 ApprovedDavid Crossley

2175 Black Willow Drive
PV Panel Installation84908-14-23
ApprovedBob Bower

2176 Black Willow Drive
Extend Back Patio Concrete Slab84687-11-23
ApprovedBob Bower

2176 Black Willow Drive
Replace Lantern Bulb84817-26-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 2302 Calle de Rafael Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation77675-6-21 ApprovedRandy Tripp
 2308 Calle de Rafael Replace Weed Barrier and Gravel80704-12-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 2422 Tramway Terrace Court Replace Gates81717-13-22 ApprovedBob Bower

2425 Tramway Terrace Court
Garage Door Installation85088-23-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 2426 Tramway Terrace Court Reroof83543-13-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 2446 Tramway Terrace Court  Repaint Stucco81797-21-22 Approved Bob Bower 
 2508 Tramway Terrace Court Landscaping77474-22-21 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 2508 Tramway Terrace Court  Re-roof with Tan TPO and Roof Mounted A/C Installation Replacement82289-7-22 Approved Hugh Prather 

2519 Tramway Terrace Court
PV Panel Installation84877-31-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 2527 Tramway Terrace Court Replace Wooden Fencing828411-15-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 2529 Tramway Terrace Court Replace Wooden Fencing with Block Walls83132-15-22 ApprovedJim Stewart
 2703 Tramway Circle PV Panel Installation84255-25-23 Approved Bob Bower
 2711 Tramway Circle Replace Windows and Re-stucco83242-3-23 Approved Bob Bower
 2715 Tramway Circle Replace Portion of Wood Fencing78568-13-21 ApprovedRandy Tripp
 2715 Tramway Circle Landscaping80864-27-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 2724 Tramway Circle New Window Installation83332-23-22 ApprovedDave Crossley
 2724 Tramway Circle Restucco83342-23-23 ApprovedDave Crossley
 2724 Tramway Circle Pergola Installation825810-19-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 2724 Tramway Circle Replace Canales with Downspouts and Gutters796612-1-21 ApprovedRandy Tripp
 2724 Tramway Circle Plant Two Chinese Pistache Trees82259-12-22 ApprovedHugh Prather
 2724 Tramway Circle Coyote Fence Installation84245-25-23 Approved Bob Bower
 2725 Tramway Circle Reroof80202-18-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 2732 Tramway Circle Replace Windows and Patio Door81265-27-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 2740 Tramway Circle Patio Cover82269-14-22 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 2745 Tramway Circle Repaint/Repair Garage Trim83453-8-23 ApprovedDave Crossley
 2745 Tramway Place Installation of TV Satellite Dish83031-5-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 2751 Cliffrose Paint Trim84135-11-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 2755 Wolfberry Place Repaint Stucco of Home/Walls and Replace Wooden Fencing81907-28-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 2758 Cliffrose Drive  Replace Windows8415 5-16-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 2758 Cliffrose Drive Stucco Repair/Paint Trim/Garage Door84356-5-23 ApprovedBob Bower

2758 Cliffrose Drive
Driveway Replacement85028-24-23
ApprovedDavid Crossley
 2775 Wolfberry Place Install PV Solar Panels -Flat Roof83383-3-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 2776 Wolfberry Place  Re-stucco 80935-2-22 ApprovedBob Bower 
 2801 Tramway Circle Replace Wooden Fence w/Stucco Wall83393-3-23 ApprovedBob Bower

2801 Tramway Circle
Re-roof with TPO84988-17-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 2811 Tramway Circle Replace Tar and Gravel Roof with Tan TPO77163-26-21 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 2813 Tramway Circle Roof Repair83653-42-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 2813 Tramway Circle Stucco Repair83904-21-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 2819 Tramway Circle Replace Gravel Landing and Extend Driveway with Concrete74877-24-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 2819 Tramway Circle Replace Cedar Plank Fencing83413-7-23 ApprovedBob Bower

2819 Tramway Circle
Replace Landscape with Crusher Fine Driveway, Plants & Pavers84707-14-23
Approved Bo
 2828 Tramway Circle Re-stucco Front Wall, Paint Trim and Garage Door758610-21-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 2833 Tramway Circle Replace Wood Gate83633-23-23 Approved Bob Bower

2863 Tramway Circle
Window Replacement84998-17-23
ApprovedBob Bower

2863 Tramway Circle
Stucco Repair/Re-stucco85098-24-23
ApprovedBob Bower

2864 Tramway Circle
Approved Bob Bower
 2878 Brushwood Street Trimming 3 Backyard Trees83373-2-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 2878 Brushwood Street Repaint83934-21-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 2879 Brushwood Street Shade Structure78908-31-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 2882 Tramway Place Pergola Installation and Landscaping77396-21-21 ApprovedRobert Hare
 2883 Tramway Place Block Walls Installation81598-9-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 2893 Tramway Place Hardscape794411-2-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 2894 Tramway Place Re-stucco home; courtyard walls & lentels abovd garage78939-2-21 ApprovedRandy Tripp
 2898 Tramway Place Mailbox Installation83954-26-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 2899 Tramwa Place Exterior Repairs and Maintenance829412-1-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 2900 Tramway Place Reroof827410-2-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 7712 Cedar Canyon Place Repair and Re-stucco Exterior House and Walls82008-5-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 7712 Cedar Canyon Court Window Replacement84366-5-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 7715 Cedar Canyon Court Safety Rail Installation84075-8-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 7716 Cedar Canyon Court Replace Front and Kitchen Doors 862911-8-22 Approved Bob Bower
 7717 Cedar Canyon Court Stucco Repairs and Color Coat828811-21-22 ApprovedBob Bower

7718 Cedar Canyon Court
AC Unit Relocation84566-26-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 7732 Cedar Canyon Road  Replace Glass Block Window with Cement Window 81807-15-22 Approved Bob Bower 
 7744 Cedar Canyon Road Replace Swamp Cooler with Refrigerated AC Skystem 81205-25-22 Approved Bob Bower 
 8207 Indigo Court Reroof78818-30-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 8209 Indigo Court Reroof81978-5-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 8231 Raintree Drive Roof Mounted PV Panel Installation83864-20-23 ApprovedDave Crossley
 8235 Raintree Drive Gate Installation77133-18-21 ApprovedMike Pierce

8239 Raintree Drive
Re-stain Exterior Wood Trim84506-16-23
ApprovedBob Bower

8241 Raintree Drive
ApprovedDave Crossley
 8245 Raintree Drive Extend Current Block Wall80353-7-22 ApprovedBob Bower

8246 Raintree Drive
Re-paint Trim, Garage, Beams84586-26-23
ApprovedBob Bower

8246 Raintree Drive
Re-roof w/TPO84737-14-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 9100 Lynx Loop New Stuccoed Block Wall and Courtyard80072-4-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 9104 Lynx Loop Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation83171-25-23 ApprovedBob Bower
 9112 Lynx Loop User Terminal/Antenna Dish Installation77534-26-21 ApprovedRandy Tripp
 9114 Lynx Loop Landscaping81245-25-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 9114 Lynx Loop Playset Installation81587-11-22 ApprovedJames Stewart
 9117 Tramway Lane Landscaping87437-23-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 9502 Sandia Vista Dr. Accessory Structure, Access Gate83205-16-23 Approved Bob Bower
 9505 Sandia Vista Dr. Installation of Pool and Pergola83222-3-23 ApprovedBob Bower

9516 Ridge Vista Dr.
PV Array Installation84616-29-23
ApprovedBob Bower
 12614 Colony Place Wall Modifications762711-5-20 ApprovedBob Bower
 12614 Colony Place Sunroom Addition798312-14-21 ApprovedBob Bower
 12625 Colony Place Re-stucco, Replace Patio Doors, and Windows81506-22-22 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 12625 Colony Place Reroof Back Porch81727-13-22 Approved Bob Bower
 12626 Colony Place Sunroom Addition and Patio83152-7-23 ApprovedRichard Brackett
 12629 Carmel Court  Back Patio Shade Structure 81055-9-22 Approved  Bob Bower 
 12701 Colony Place Replace Windows80483-21-22 ApprovedBob Bower
 12704 Colony Place Restucco80473-21-22 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 12705 Carmel Court Reroof80624-5-22 ApprovedDavid Crossley
 12713 Carmel Court  Roof Repair and Silicone Roof Coating 81075-6-22 Approved David Crossley 
 12713 Carmel Court Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Panels Installation81647-6-22 ApprovedDavid Crossley


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