Procedures for Filing a Complaint

Complaints regarding covenant violations must be submitted to the SHHA office. SHHA property owner membership by the complainant is required for CSC action. Contact the SHHA office for the appropriate form, or click here Covenant Violation Form. No anonymous complaints are accepted. Once a written complaint is received, the CSC is responsible for follow-up actions regarding the complaint. A CSC committee member will validate the complaint through a visit to the site. The suspected covenant violation must be in the complainant's Unit, in ad adjacent Unit or in line of sight from the member's property. If the complaint is found to be valid, the offending resident will be notified of the covenant non-compliance via personal phone calls or letters from the CSC. The resident should view the receipt of a phone call or letter regarding the covenant violation in the spirit that it was sent - a neighborly reminder based on a sincere desire to preserve the beauty and property values within Sandia Heights. In general, violators will be given 30 days from notification to remedy the violation and the file will then be closed. Compliance inspections are performed and follow-up contacts are made on an as-needed basis during and after this process.

The legal authority and obligation of the SHHA to assure that deed restrictions are enforced is carried out by two Association committees. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) manages the approval and monitoring of projects that change the external appearance of property such as construction, and landscaping. The Covenant Support Committee (CSC) manages property use restrictions.


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