Post-Wildfire Recovery and Environmental Restoration

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This section provides links and information on Post-Wildfire Recovery and Environmental Restoration

After a Fire: What’s Next?

For thousands of property owners and renters in the United States each year, fire is a life-changing event. We hope that no one inSandiaHeights ever suffers injury, damage, or loss of life or property as a result of a wildfire.

But suppose the worst has happened. Now what do you do?

The resources in this web section can assist you with:

· Shelter for you and your pets

· Food, water, and power

· Supplies for daily living

· Loans for repairing or replacing your home, ancillary
structures, and other belongings and property

· Guidance for properly restoring and maintaining the
soil, natural vegetation, planted landscape, and eroded areas

NOTE: Information will be added to this web section as it is developed.

Important: Before You Plant, Rebuild, or Construct

All Sandia Heights residents must submit applications to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) of the Sandia Heights Homeowners Association (SHHA). This stipulation applies whether or not a property-owner is a member of SHHA. Application fees are waived for members. For application forms, click here.

You are not permitted to begin construction or planting until you have received written approval from the ACC. Projects in progress without prior written ACC approval might be required to stop work until an application is submitted and approved.

Please note that the requirement to apply for prior ACC approval pertains to all external modifications, including in-kind repair or replacement (i.e., with the same material and/or color). Landscape plans must always be approved before construction begins, even if they are for a courtyard or back yard.

In your design planning, you are encouraged to review the ACC Guidelines. Here you will find specific recommendations for walls and fences; solar collectors; setbacks; roofing; landscaping; and detached buildings. Adhering to these Guidelines will also help you avoid covenant violations and the possible expense of having to demolish what you have installed.

Click here for ACC Design Guidelines.

To further assist Sandia Heights residents in design planning, the ACC Color Reference Guide is available to borrow in the SHHA Office for up to 30 days. A $20 refundable deposit is required, payable by cash or check only.

Nearly all Units within Sandia Heights have legally binding deed restrictions—applicable to all property-owners regardless of whether or not they are members of SHHA—which stipulate that fire damage to property must be quickly addressed. Consult your Unit covenants for language such as the following imperative:

“In the event that any structure is destroyed, wholly or partially, by fire or any casualty, such structure shall be promptly rebuilt or repaired to conform to this Declaration or shall be removed from the lot.”

After Wildfire: A Guide for New Mexico Communities: Click here for After Wildfire website.

Click here for the Guide only.
Comprehensive guide to post-fire and -flood measures, landscape treatments, financial and funding recommendations, and essential contact information for agencies and nonprofits.
(US Army Corps of Engineers Albuquerque District; US Forest Service; Silver Jackets; New Mexico State Forestry Department)

For specific information on post-wildfire best practices and recommendations for plants and structures, click on the links below:




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